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This was our first year and we won first at WGAZ state championships in Independent Open class

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abigscarymonsterwilleatyou said: Have you or anyone you know ever tried to catch a sabre in your mouth? Somewhere, I know this has been done.

There was this lady okay, she used to march for the Blue Devils, and she came and did a clinic at our school. There are only like 10 of us, so it was real cool. She did all this crazy stuff on rifle and sabre. This one girl asked her if she could catch it in her mouth. She did it and it was like crazy cool. We found out like four days later that she had actually broke one of her tooths, but she was too embarrassed to tell us at the time.

It’s just, I’m not doing guard or band this year. 

I really want to, but I can’t stand the people on my guard. I tried to get along, I tried to mend problems. But we weren’t a family, we weren’t even friends. I’ll still post stuff on here, just not as often as I used to. 

I’m sorry guys. You do what you gotta do. /:



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ugh, those free arms.

ugh, those free arms.

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